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It seems like I always check in with y’all on Fridays, but that’s because the excitement for the weekend is palpable in the offices and I hope that I’m able to translate some of the enthusiasm to all of you! With Christmas in less than two weeks (!!!!) you’re sure to be knee deep in your holiday dinner plans. We’re lucky enough to have not only the traditional fruitcake churning through our ovens, but also petit fours for a more casual and fun meal. With the changing seasons we usually put together a fun little holiday Look Book for all of the grocery stores who carry our cakes (check out our Fall Look Book here!) We hope that this serves as a bit of inspiration and as a way to find the perfect petit fours to fit your gathering. If you see something you like in this lineup, take it in to your local grocery store and they’ll be able to whip it up in no time!

Fruitcake: Check
Petit Fours: Check
Christmas Dessert: Complete!