Baker Maid delivers scratch-made cakes and customized wholesale baked goods to retailers across the country. All of our products undergo rigorous quality control standards to ensure a consistent, irresistible result for every order.

How We Got Our Start

Founded in 1953 by LL Doc Mullins, Baker Maid began as a bakery supply company providing bakery ingredients to bakeries and food retailers in New Orleans. Doc also operated several of his own retail bakeries throughout the city, including Dixiana Bakery and Barracks Bakery in the French Quarter. Shortly after Doc opened Baker Maid, he developed a fruitcake that became a local favorite and, eventually, so popular that it became Baker Maid’s sole offering. Doc later closed his retail operations and focused solely on Baker Maid and selling his Creole Royal Fruitcake to local stores.

Doc’s grandson Darryl Sorensen grew up in the business, mastering the art and science of baking and flavor creation. Under his leadership, Baker Maid began to offer wholesale fruitcakes and holiday goods to luxury department stores across the country. Today, Darryl and his son Greg, along with their team, have expanded to include cookies, layer cakes, and other artisan bakery treats available in grocery stores and other retailers across the country.

Quality Wholesale Baked Goods

The ingredients we put into our proprietary cake mixes are sourced locally here in New Orleans whenever possible, and all of our flavors are made in-house, down to the vanilla extract that goes into our signature buttercream icing. This allows our products to maintain their fresh, quality taste long after customers grab them off the shelf.

Our most popular products are our layer cakes, which are available uniced, base iced, and fully decorated. Choose from half-sheet, quarter-sheet, and eighth-sheet sizes, as well as round cakes and cupcakes. We also offer our own brand of pre-packaged cookies called Love, Cookie. Handmade in small batches using quality ingredients, our flavors range from New Orleans originals like Butter Pecan Praline to new spins on classic flavors like Dark Chocolate Orange.

In-store Support

We partner with our retailers to provide ongoing in-store support. We provide product demonstrations to help drive sales, and our talented cake decorators can work with your staff to show them new and trending decorating techniques that best fit your needs.

To learn more about Baker Maid’s product lines, contact us or call (504) 827-5500 to speak with a member of our team. We’re proud to be the commercial bakery of choice for hundreds of retailers!