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Baker Maid Blog
May 9, 2019

The Old Hues & The New

In the bakery industry, and particularly in grocery, it can be all too easy to get stuck in the cog of tradition. Red roses, shell borders, and green leaves are all tried and true bakery decorations that have been sitting beneath the fluorescent bakery case lights for over 30 years. While there is a place on every bakery shelf for…
Baker Maid Blog
March 26, 2019

Fancy AF, Lazy AF

While “work smarter, not harder” would’ve been an appropriate title for this blog post, it’s not nearly as accurate as what we’ve chosen. Far gone are the intricate works of Lambeth cakes, only to be replaced by comparatively lazy trends that look fancy af but are absolutely lazy af. Also, if anyone is unsure of what ‘af’ stands for, please…
Baker Maid Blog
March 20, 2019

Fresh and Bold for Spring 2019

Hey Y'all! Happy first day of spring! Are you jumping for joy like we are in the office today? It's been a long winter and the smell of flowers in the air is like rejuvenation. Our Spring 2019 Lookbook features some traditional design accompanied by a great selection fresh ideas to take into your bakery cases! Spring is all about…
Baker Maid Blog
February 27, 2019

JUST WHY??: Bizarre and Baffling Cake Catalog Items

I'm lucky enough to spend a good amount of time flipping through the pages of our industry's leading cake catalog. While it's generally a pleasant experience filled with familiar cartoon characters and rainbow sprinkles, occasionally it gets just plain weird. From lazy photo editing to just uncomfortable subject matter (see above,) here are a few of our favorite bizarre and…
Baker Maid Blog
February 13, 2019

5 Deadly Bakery Sins

Growing too Comfortable or Getting Sucked into Tradition It's human nature to want to get into a routine. Even Dunkin' Donuts had the old bakery commercial and adage, "Time to make the donuts"  that depicted an exhausted baker waking up in the early hours of the morning day after day. All too often we get into our cog of tradition…
Baker Maid Blog
February 11, 2019

Knowledge is Flour Power

It’s no secret that in recent years baking has become a lost art, reserved mostly for the artisans and Pinterest powerhouses among us. You may find yourself wanting to break back into the baking world only to be intimidated by scores of internet recipes calling for specialty ingredients and trendy flours. What happened to the simple ways of baking past?…
Baker Maid Blog
January 29, 2019

Your Two Week Reminder

I was taking a look at the calendar today, and I am totally befuddled as to where January seems to have gone! Valentine’s Day is in two short weeks and lucky for you, we have about a trillion options to help you make your sweetheart swoon.  Heart Cake Around here, cake is king. For the last several weeks, we’ve been…
Baker Maid Blog
January 25, 2019

Tip of the Afternoon – Atecco 30

Afternoon All! While we normally try to have a Tip of the Morning, we're running a little behind today. So instead, we've got our very first Tip of the Afternoon (not quite as catchy, I know.) I'm sharing a cute little star tip named Atecco 30. It's partially closed and super diverse. I take it with me everywhere, and so should…