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Baker Maid Blog

Baker Maid Blog
January 10, 2019

The Sweet Side of New Orleans

Did you know that Baker Maid has been making Fruitcake for 66 years? We have a long history fully ingrained in New Orleans tradition and it is such a privilege getting to spread the good word about New Orleans sweets all over the country. But even with our lengthy timeline, we're dwarfed by some of the powerhouse local delicacies being…
Baker Maid Blog
January 7, 2019

More than Mardi Gras

Well my fellow New Orleanians, yesterday was Twelfth Night (and I ate an entire King Cake... by myself.) While for most of us, that simply means that Mardi Gras season is kicking off with the Joan of Arc parade, for many people last night was Epiphany and represented a holy and beautiful religious tradition. Instead of focusing on the cake…
Baker Maid Blog
January 2, 2019

How to Jump on 2019’s Trends!

We made it, everyone! It has been an absolutely wild holiday season at the bakery and I am so disoriented from the last few weeks that I honestly don't even know what day it is! But regardless of the day, I am certain that it is January 2019, and I am in awe. 2018 can only be described as a…
Baker Maid Blog
December 21, 2018

2018 – A Year to Remember

It has been quite a wild ride here at the bakery over the last twelve months. We’ve added an entire cake decorating department, seen our Love, Cookie branded across an iconic New Orleans streetcar, introduced our Petit Fours to markets beyond the Gulf Coast, visited with the folks from the tiniest mom & pop shops to the grandest of stores…
Baker Maid Blog
December 14, 2018

Our Holiday Petit Four Lookbook

It seems like I always check in with y'all on Fridays, but that's because the excitement for the weekend is palpable in the offices and I hope that I'm able to translate some of the enthusiasm to all of you! With Christmas in less than two weeks (!!!!) you're sure to be knee deep in your holiday dinner plans. We're…
Baker Maid Blog
December 7, 2018

Where to Find our Fruitcake!

Happy Friday, y'all! Day after day we receive heartwarming emails, calls, and letters from all of our Creole Royale's biggest fans. Our fruitcakes have become embedded in New Orleans' culture since our first batch over fifty years ago. Whether you're continuing a family tradition or creating new holiday memories, we want to make sure our fruitcake is always delicious and…
Baker Maid Blog
November 29, 2018

A Perfectly Pinterest Petit Four

I am so deep in holiday dessert prep that mind is completely spinning over the endless supply of adorable and chic desserts floating down my social media feeds. With so much literal eye candy I began saving my favorites, hoping that I could siphon some of the adorable vibes from the creators across the web. I'd love to share some…
Baker Maid Blog
November 16, 2018

Practically Perfect Party Pairings

Not to sound too enthusiastic, but we are READY for Thanksgiving! November and December are our busy season, so taking a few moments to spend time with our loved ones, reflect on our blessings, and prepare for the month ahead will be a welcome reprieve after a month of heavy fruitcaking and cookie baking. We each have our own plans,…
Baker Maid Blog
November 12, 2018

The Perseverance of the Fruitcake

The endless jokes don’t escape our small offices in the crows nest of our downtown New Orleans bakery. Even one of our fearless leaders dons a hilarious Fruit Cake ugly sweater during the holiday season to poke fun at our chosen professions. Despite the endless jokes, I can't help but to find myself sneaking one of our individually wrapped slices…