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How to Jump on 2019’s Trends!

We made it, everyone! It has been an absolutely wild holiday season at the bakery and I am so disoriented from the last few weeks that I honestly don’t even know what day it is! But regardless of the day, I am certain that it is January 2019, and I am in awe.

2018 can only be described as a whirlwind of cookies, cake, festivals, trade shows, dancing, and all around New Orleans magical madness. It has been incredible and while I had spent all of last week reflecting on the past, this week I am looking towards that big, bright, stinkin’ beautiful future.

Over the last several weeks, many mega food companies have been putting out their 2019 food predictions. Some things were expected (think Paleo Snacks and Coffee-Infused Treats) but some were downright shocking, like Cannabis-Centric Foods or the Vegan Bacon Chips (I’m kind of into this one.) So for today’s blog, and in the spirit of trying new things, I’m here to share some ways to incorporate food trends into your bakery case. I know that some of these may seem strange now, but every new year brings about limitless opportunities to push the envelope and engage your consumers.

Spicy Sweets

The buzzphrase in this category is ‘Pacific Rim Spices.” Pacific Rim Cuisine is an incredible blending of cultures from the Pacific islands, Asian Cuisine, and California fresh flavors. A little sprinkling of cardamon and cayenne, or some spiced and dried mango pieces will bring your traditional dessert to the forefront of food trends.

Wonderfully Messy

Perfectly pedicured desserts are *so 2018.* Rougher and more easy-going designs are relatable and signify indulgence for the common man. Pile roughly chopped nuts, peanut butter cups, or chocolate shards high on the tops of desserts to create irresistible charm.

Seed Butters

Seed butters are quickly gaining traction, particularly in schools where food allergy sufferers are on the rise. In addition to making a great filler for a Butter Chocolate Cup, there’s also the little industry trick to microwave your nut butter for about 30 seconds before transferring it into a piping bag. It makes the perfect drizzling consistency AND it’s delicious.


Like the seasons, tradition always find its way back around. Many industry experts are calling for a rise in traditional desserts like pizzelles and nutrolls. Sometimes going back-to-basics is the best way to drive innovation!

Family Style Fare

I find this to be the most heartwarming of all of 2019 trends. Family style meals and desserts present you with a fabulous opportunity to do Ready-to-Grab Combination Trays with petit fours, cupcakes, and cookies. It’s the perfect way to make sure the entire family is happy and satisfied their sweet tooth.