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Here at Baker Maid (and in our personal lives) we spend an unreasonable amount of time on Instagram–truly unreasonable. We’re a staff made of mostly millennials raised on the cusp of the digital age, so give us a break! In combing through all of the perfectly manicured plates, questionably authentic food photography, and flawless Boomerang shots, we’ve found a few delightfully small accounts that are sure to be Instagram’s next big names. While they haven’t hit the 10K follower mark, they’re producing crazy great content and are the voices behind many of America’s most popular food publications. So the next time you’re feeling some Instagram fatigue, head over to their pages for some fresh faces and honestly beautiful food.

Chaya Rappoport – @RetrolilliesChaya Rappoport is a fiercely skilled baker and kosher queen from New York. Her foods are glorious and combine her experiences in Switzerland, Peru, and the US into works of art. Her work has been featured in an insane number of national publications, including The Nosher, Food52,, Food and Wine, and Conde Nast. On top of all of that: she’s completely self taught in both food and photography!

Sami Romansky@moreicingthancake

Sami Romansky is living the dream of so many by being a Pacific Northwest native but living in Thailand! She maintains a food and travel blog and doesn’t hesitate to create both comfortable home-inspired treats and international food wonders. With such a dynamic life and stunning food photography, it’s no wonder we’re turning to her page for some serious food inspiration.

Ariel Lee@ArjoleeAriel Lee’s About section on her website is what made me look twice at this incredible food photographer. She calls herself “average in all ways”, but her hilariously honest writing and stunning food photography paint the picture of anything but average. Climbing high above her own self image, her photos make food look easy and delicious (whether they taste average is her own secret to share.)

Emma Laperruque@EmmaLaperruque

Emma Laperruque has become my new Instagram obsession. While she’s not rolling in big follower numbers, she has one of the most beautiful and lyrical voices on Food52’s team. Her Instagram is a sneak peak ( and more natural view) of so many luxurious future Food52 features.

Kristina Cho@Eatchofood

It seems that Kristina Cho is living the American millenial dream. After being raised in Ohio at her family’s Chinese/Cantonese restaurant, she now writes her own story by balancing an architecture design career and San Francisco food blog (I mean, how perfect is this?) Between having an insanely sharp eye for design and culinary genius in her bones, this woman is blowing our minds with recipes, flawless composition, and a hilarious disposition.