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Happy Thursday, and Happy Birthday to all of you celebrating this September!

If y’all are reading Baker Maid’s blog then you know that petit fours are perfect for weddings, showers, and holidays. Perhaps you’ve seen them floating around social media webs or in your local grocery store. Regardless of your petit four exposure, there’s no denying that these little cake bites are as diverse as they are adorable. That brings me to today’s blog focus: Birthdays!

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who is the mother of one of the most precocious little ladies I have ever met. She mentioned that she follows our feed on Instagram and wondered if we had come across anyone using petit fours for kid’s birthday parties. My short answer was, “not often enough.” These little cake bites are perfect for kids birthday parties, or small celebrations within the family. They’re totally customizable; they cut down on icing, waste, and mess; and they’re stinkin’ adorable!

So in honor of Kim and little Molly (love you, ladies!) here are some cute and perfectly party ready birthday petit fours.


Is your baby cute as a button? Bring in their special day with an adorable button theme! These precious little button bites are sure to grab the attention of your guests and birthday baby alike.








Take your nautical themed birthday bash and add a dash of fun with these goofy little octopuses.








Show your shortcake some love with these precious strawberry petit fours!








For some kids, sports rule!  Baseballs, basketballs, or soccer balls – showcase your little all-star’s favorite activity!








Is your kid’s birthday a Monster Mash?! Show them how fierce a tasty little cake bite can be.








Perhaps your little’s birthday celebration is a fun family day relaxing on the lake shore.








Rawr! Make a BIG impact with little cakes! Little dinosaur decorated sugar pieces are adorable and would make a perfect petit four topping for your future paleontologist.







Unicorns are EVERYTHING right now! Sparkles, rainbows, and gold will be the icing on top for any and every magical get-together!







Meow! 45% of the U.S. population have a furry family member so why not celebrate with them on your birthday treats!