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I’m lucky enough to spend a good amount of time flipping through the pages of our industry’s leading cake catalog. While it’s generally a pleasant experience filled with familiar cartoon characters and rainbow sprinkles, occasionally it gets just plain weird. From lazy photo editing to just uncomfortable subject matter (see above,) here are a few of our favorite bizarre and baffling cake catalog items.

This picture is just plain baffling. It looks way more like a jumbo Nerds Rope than cascading sprinkles. The chunky quins, the perfectly even flow, the lack of pile on top of the cake… and why on earth did they choose to use a red border on the bottom? All I’m saying is that we can do better than this! Get it together, people!

I stared at this cupcake for a long time, debating on whether or not to add it to our list. What I’ve decided is that this is the least appetizing rainbow cupcake I’ve ever seen. The icing is a mystery (it must be fondant, right?) And I can’t completely tell whether the clouds are a part of the topper or piped on with icing. In any case, there’s nothing inside me that would take a bite out of it. I’d much rather dissect it.

These cupcake picks look like a clue found at a crime scene on CSI.
“It’s another hit by the Smiley Pick Killer…” -Ice T

At first glance, this looks like your standard Decopac Add-On for Halloween – that is until you realize that the gravestone holds a photo. I’m confused. Am I supposed to put the picture of a deceased loved one in there??



I completely understand why this exists, and in a lot of ways it’s adorable. But it also kind of looks like it smells like the old crayon cupboard in your church’s basement.

Honestly, what are these for? The Black Parade?