Baker Maid’s cakes are delicately designed with you and your customers in mind. Quality controlled by our master baker, our cakes are scratch-baked and fully decorated in-house. Our talented decorating team pipes each border shell-by-shell, and each rose is carefully formed on a flower nail. Whether you’re looking for divine red roses or the best darn birthday cake you’ve ever had, our designs are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Consistency Baked Into Every Cake

All of our cakes remain frozen throughout their journey, starting at the end of our production line, throughout distribution, and even upon delivery. This ensures that Baker Maid cakes are as delicious and beautiful in your displays as the moment we put on those final decorative touches. This provides you with flexibility when planning your merchandising layouts, minimizes shrink, and makes managing your inventory simple and stress-free.

Explore our Selection of Cakes

All of our Decorated and Base Iced Cakes are built on scalloped gold cake boards, then fitted with an elegant, clear cake dome. Our classic packaging is sure to find a comfortable fit within your bakery display. Trying to minimize your day-to-day inventory levels? We offer assorted cases for all of our items and would love to work with you to develop a selection that fits your needs.

We are a family owned and operated commercial bakery, so we understand that every store and team has its own needs and desires. We would love to assist you in finding solutions for all of your in-store bakery plans. Please contact us if would like additional information about our existing designs, or to develop your own cake program!