At Baker Maid, we’ve been perfecting our cakes for generations, and the quality is clear from the moment you unwrap them in your store. The scrumptious scent and taste of our in-house flavors and custom cake mix that we make fresh for every batch come across from the first bite to the final crumb. Our cakes feature Baker Maid’s scratch prepared almond emulsion and vanillas that provide the soft and fluffy taste that everyone craves. The grain and flavor of our cakes are unmatched and will offer your teams the potential to wow your consumers with the highest quality cake available.

When frozen, our cakes can last upwards of six months. This minimizes shrink and makes managing your inventory simple and stress-free. Once thawed and decorated, we guarantee a shelf life of 10 days.

Wholesale Uniced Cake Specifications

Available in a variety of formats, including round layers (8”, 10”, and wedding cake sizes), half sheets, quarter sheets, and more, we have you covered.

From the end of our production line and throughout distribution, all of our cakes remain frozen in their journey from us to you. This ensures that Baker Maid cakes taste and look as fresh as your team’s finishing touches. Contact a member of our team today to place your order.