Whether you’re looking for a standard sweet treat, or to make a colossal splash—we have the cupcakes to help your team exceed your consumers’ expectations. Baker Maid offers both wholesale undecorated cupcakes and pre-decorated retail-ready cupcakes. These cute and classic cupcakes will make filling those large orders or stocking holiday shelves a breeze throughout the year.

Baked Fresh & Ready for Retail

Our pre-decorated cupcakes are topped with our signature vanilla or chocolate buttercreams, then packaged in high quality, durable clamshells. This means that our cupcakes are ready for retail upon delivery—just another example of Baker Maid’s desire to simplify your daily tasks. To ensure quality control from the production line through the distribution process, all of our cupcakes remain frozen and ready for your team’s finishing touches upon delivery. Contact our team today to place your order.