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Hello November!

Are you feeling the pressure, yet? The holiday season is officially in full swing and families are beginning the planning process for their Thanksgiving dinners. With increasingly busy schedules and financial strains upon families everywhere, shoppers will undoubtedly be looking for the perfect balance between beauty and ease. Help your shoppers to make a warm and welcoming display on their dinner table with these simple and easy sells for your petit four designs. Whether you’re selling full trays for family reunions or six-packs for small family get-togethers, these designs will communicate and inspire a simple, festive and family-friendly dessert. While it may seem a little early, it is the perfect time to plant the planning seeds among your shoppers. Petit Fours can last up to a week at room temperature, so creating a display table full of inspiring Thanksgiving desserts will undoubtedly encourage a return trip just for that holiday special order!