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September’s Spotlight Employee

From the moment I began my tenure at Baker Maid, I had wanted to feature some of the incredible employees that we have on staff. Walking in and out of the different departments, the standouts have become clear. It’s not  just hard work that goes into becoming a Spotlight Employee. It’s also a great attitude, consistency, and overall contribution to company morale and productivity. This month, the spotlight is on Dania.

Dania is a champion floater who weaves in and out of the cake decorating and cookie departments. I first noticed her incredibly positive attitude and goofy demeanor when we were struggling through getting the cake decorating department up and running. Everyone seemed to be covered in buttercream, bags were sticky, and there wasn’t even a shadow of order in production. The brutal learning curve and madness had zero effect on her sunny disposition.

I should say that Dania and I don’t speak the same language, so all of our exchanges are done through a smartphone translator and broken languages. It says something that I am excited about an employee with whom I’ve never had a full blown conversation. Most of our correspondence ends in laughter at the gibberish disguised as communication. With a shrug and a giggle, we usually find some common communicative ground and go about our duties with a smile on our faces.

She is an essential contributor and a joy to be around. She’s flexible, open minded, hilarious, and a pleasure to work beside. So, without further ado, Baker Maid’s September Spotlight Employee, Dania.

Q: Que es lo que te ayuda salir de la cama en la mañana?
    What is it that helps you get out of bed in the morning?
A: Que tengo una familia por la cual debo luchar dia a dia.
    That I have a family for which I must fight every day.

Q: Como describirías tu trabajo a un niño?
    How would you describe your job to a child?
A: Mi trabajo lo describiría de esta manera, lo primero que hacemos es colocar nuestras herramientas de trabajo, luego empezamos a moldear nuestras tortas y por ultimo le damos un toque especial para que se vean bonitos los pasteles.
I would describe my work in this way, the first thing we do is place our work tools, then we start to mold our cakes and finally we give a special touch to make the cakes look beautiful.

Q: Si podrías tener cualquier trabajo, que te gustaría?
    If you could do any job, what would it be?
A: Me gustaría trabajar en una peluquería.
    I would like to work in a hairdressing salon.

Q: Que es la primera cosa que haces cuando sales del trabajo en la tarde?
    What is the first thing you do when you leave work in the afternoon?
A: Ir a recoger a mi hija y darles muchos abrazos y besos.
    Go pick up my daughter and give her lots of hugs and kisses.

Q: De que logro personal te a hecho orgullosa de ti?
    What personal achievement makes you the most proud?
A: Haber tenido mi propio negocio de diseños en uñas.
    Having had my own nail design business.

Q: Hay algo que le gustaría saber que gente sepa de ti?
    Anything else you’d like people to know about you?
A: Si que creo mucho en dios y él es el único que puede ser nuestro principal apoyo en lo que hacemos.
    Yes, I believe a lot in God and he is the only one who can be our main support in what we do.