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The Cutest, Spookiest, Sweetest Little Halloween How-To Guide

Did y’all see our quick tutorial for DIY Spooky Spider Web chocolate petit fours? If not, head over to our Instagram and Facebook feeds for a food craft that is as fun as it is delicious! We know that the biggest concern among decorators is the time spent to create some of the higher end decorations. It can seem a bit daunting when compared to decorating cupcakes; but, trust us when we say that every design is so much easier and faster than it looks!

To demonstrate just how easy, effective, and utterly adorable your halloween display can be, we’ve broken down some of our favorite festive fall looks into individual How-To panels. These are fast enough to complete in large quantities for retail and simple enough to try at home with the kiddos. Since we know that you probably don’t want to take your computer into the kitchen, we’ve also made a super cute printable Halloween How-To Guide!

Happy Decorating and Have a Haunted Halloween!