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The Old Hues & The New

In the bakery industry, and particularly in grocery, it can be all too easy to get stuck in the cog of tradition. Red roses, shell borders, and green leaves are all tried and true bakery decorations that have been sitting beneath the fluorescent bakery case lights for over 30 years. While there is a place on every bakery shelf for a red rose, here at Baker Maid we like to have a little fun and challenge the status quo. We’ve spoken in past posts about experimenting with alternative borders, pushing past pre-fabricated add-ons, and remembering that decorating goes beyond your bakery counter – it’s an art and should be treated as such. So with that said, we challenge you to push past the red roses this summer and offer your customers a pop of color and some floral diversity. To help you in branching out, we’ve put together a selection of the season’s top color palettes and flowers that correspond with each color.

Dust off the non-traditional tips, get your mixing bowls ready, and paint the case red (and yellow, and purple, and green, and blue…)