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2018 is the year of the Cake Artist! Drip cakes are moving to the side and making way for intricate works of culinary genius. Tiny detailing, bold medium combinations, and bright colors are ruling 2018 in the most epic ways. Check out this year’s top trends!


Pretty In Paint

As someone who isn’t necessarily a visual artist, this trend is nerve wracking! Everything from stunning cityscapes to beloved children’s books are being translated onto towering cake layers. Each design speaks to the decorator and the couple, allowing for more creativity and individuality. Practice your watercolors, because this trend will be knocking at your door before you know it.


The Resurgence of the Lambeth

Making its debut in the 1930s, Joseph Lambeth’s piping heavy technique has long been referenced and regurgitated. 2018’s version is a stunning blend of new and old. 90 degree angles, smooth lines, and creamy colors are bringing this timeless technique into a new era.


Flora, Floral, Flower

Whether it’s painted or edible, cascading florals are in. A move towards a design reminiscent of The Secret Garden, airy, and whimsical cakes are all of the rage. Combining 2D and 3D elements bring this elegant gem to life.


Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes, clean lines, and neutral colors are on the rise as soon-to-be newlyweds move away from the rustic aesthetic. The muted tones and metallic statements are bringing two normally opposing styles together, resulting in beautiful and angular works of art.


Metals and Petals

Metallic cakes are mind blowingly beautiful. Have you ever had the opportunity to look at yourself as you bite into a big piece of cake? Now it may be possible! Gold, bronze, and silver cakes are reflecting dance floor lights at weddings across the United States. Combined with delicate flowers in dreamy pastels make this trend irresistible.


The Petit Four

This may be my favorite trend, even if it is a bit unconventional. The petit four has long been a quiet background dessert, carving out it’s inconspicuous place on many banquet and sweet tables. Like the Lambeth cakes, Petit Fours are making a fierce and fabulous return to the forefront of wedding dessert trends. Smaller and easier to eat, these little cakes are the clean and elegant alternative to the tried and true cupcake.