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Morning All!

I hope that your day is off to a great start, full of coffee and sunshine! We, at Baker Maid, are busy baking and decorating away, preparing to deliver our wholesale cakes and wholesale petit fours all over the southeast and midwest.

I did want to take some time out to share our Tip of the Morning post. This week I am focusing on my absolute favorite and go-to tip, Atecco 104. This petit petal tip is probably one of the most useful tips when it comes to decorating petit fours. These designs can be scaled up or down, depending on how big your petal tip is, so don’t feel like you have to have 104 to produce these results.

Let’s dig in!



The sweet pea  is perhaps the most popular and versatile design technique.

Begin by holding Atecco 104 about ⅛” from the petit four. Squeeze the piping bag so that the icing falls to the top of the petit four.

As the icing falls, rotate your tip in an upward circular motion, being sure to hold it high enough so that the tip does not touch the icing.

Repeat this again, on top of the first petal, slightly askew. Finish with two leaves using tip, Atecco 352.




The stacked spiral is a fun and simple technique that can be transformed using color. This makes it appropriate for everything from a formal event to a football game.

Begin by placing Atecco 104 along the outside of the petit four, with the wide end towards the center.

Moving your tip up and down, spiral the icing towards the center, building upon each layer, working up and towards the middle.





A petit rose looks impressive, but is one of the quickest and simplest techniques.

Using Atecco 104, make ¼” pile of icing in the center of the petit four.

Then, begin piping ¾” petals around the outside of the pile, beginning ½ way through the previous petal and extending the same distance on the other side.

Repeat until you reach your desired width. Finish design using leaf tip Atecco 352




The geranium is a quick, simple, and dynamic flower that will look great at any event.

Begin by placing Atecco 104 on the petit four, with the wide end towards the center.

Create a ripple by gently moving the tip up and down, while creating a large petal. Repeat 4 times to create 5 petals in total.

Finish the flower with sprinkles, or a buttercream dollop in the center.